Jonathan Ota

Virtualized Reality

Blurring the boundary between physical and digital

Virtualized Reality is a third person Kinect based virtual reality developed in collaboration with John Brieger in 2012. It is meant to be an apparatus to explore a space where the physical world and the virtual world are unified. From an elevated point of view, the Kinect maps the participant's physical environment in real time. It then pushes this digital point cloud to a pair of virtual reality goggles worn by the participant. The virtual point cloud feed can then be augmented digitally, thus allowing for a perceived alteration of the physical space in the digital space. In effect, the participant will be unable to distinguish real from fake, digitally altered from not.

The system was powered by Processing, a Microsoft Kinect, and a pair of vintage 1999 640x480 resolution virtual reality goggles (Oculus Rift was not available at the time, unfortunately).